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Dongguan customized furniture solutions
Dongguan company Manager:Mr Wang

Dongguan Cacola has experienced team for customized services, customized to worry, to provide high-end fashion furniture, quite an experienced design team, Dongguan furniture, direct selling point for companies to customize furniture to solve program!

Dongguan Cacola furniture Green
A Information Co. Manager:Mr Zhang

Dongguan Cacola furniture production and sales for 15 years, the quality of protection, a relatively old Dongguan furniture brand, and its own factories, 0 formaldehyde, no smell, no ventilation we trust Dongguan furniture brand!

Dongguan Cacola furniture plate table is very good quality
a private General Manager: Mr Zhuz

Through a friend, find a happy home furnishings, there is great strength in Dongguan furniture brand, their furniture is good quality . We will choose to continue cooperation in Dongguan furniture brands.

Has a professional sales team
A Metallurgical Co., Ltd. Manager: Mr.Song

With professional sales team in Dongguan furniture, furniture products, providing customers with 5-year warranty, provide on-site visits per month for three months. so that customers worry Dongguan furniture brands.

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Dongguan City Cacola furniture Co,ltd

Dongguan City Cacola furniture Co,ltd Founded in 1999, the company covers an area of over 30,000 square meters, is engaged in furniture design, production and sales of integrated furniture business conglomerates. Home Music Limited grew in development, Qiu Industries owns businesses, large Gui Industries, Ltd. and other household furniture music. In 2006 the company successfully listed in Singapore, is one of a handful of domestic furniture industry enterprises. Household Furniture Co., Ltd. has formed a music industry professional furniture design, professional processing, and sales of professional specialization and collaborative business model.


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  • 广东家具协会会员 Guangdong Furniture Association
  • 2012年度优秀会员—家居乐家具 Outstanding Member 2012

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Furniture maintenance
Summary:Furniture maintenanceUse and maintenance of furniture1, the furniture should not be placed in high temperature, humidity, vibration, strong light place, the room should be ventilated cool.2, furniture cleaning, you should use the flexible
Cloth fabric introduction
Cloth fabric introduction
Glass, silver mirror introduces the
Glass, silver mirror introduces the basics
Woodworking introduction process
1, wood work process   → material selection is expected to open (cutting) → sided planing puzzle → → → monolithic chip drama drama (multi-chip drama) → → planing flat plane (two-sided planing) → comb (mortising) → tooth pick (butt) → side
Maintenance of hardware accessories
1, to avoid long-term direct sunlight, as this may lead to a metal surface discoloration or cracking of the surface film. Also pay attention away from open flames and other hot objects, so as not to cause discoloration or deformation aging. 
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